Tips of Abroad for Moving to Another Country

Prepare to move abroad

So you are considering packing your things and moving abroad to start the journey of a lifetime. But what are the steps in starting this new and exciting adventure? Here’s what you need to prepare:

Your rewards and subscriptions


Perhaps you have many possessions that you need to consider what to do with. When moving, think about whether you want to spend money on shipping your things, or it is better to put them in storage.

Selling your belongings can also be a great way to save money to finance your move abroad. Make sure you have enough money saved up to cover your rental deposit and unseen expenses when you move abroad for the first time.

Contracts & Subscriptions

Cancel any contracts and subscriptions you may have that you no longer need, such as a phone contract, home contracts or insurance that does not work for you abroad, etc.

Choose a country to move to

You have the whole world to choose from, but you need to ask yourself these questions when deciding where to move abroad. Example:

Are you looking for a country with a culture similar to your own?
Do you want to go abroad to learn a new language?
Can you work in your chosen country and is it financially feasible? For example, expensive cities like London, Hong Kong and Sydney require more financial planning, but can be great for developing your career.

Use these questions to determine what your priorities are regarding your move abroad. Remember that embracing the way a country works, its culture, language and traditions are a big part of moving to a new country and should be a big part of your research.

Paperwork to arrange when moving abroad

Next is the less exciting stuff: making sure your papers are in order is key to making the move abroad.

Passport up to Date?

The first thing to check: is your passport still up to date? If you do not plan to return to the country of your nationality quickly, you may want to consider getting a brand new passport so that it does not expire.

Make copies of important documents

When you move abroad, setting up a bank account is one of the first things to do. You will need copies of important documents such as your passport or birth certificate to do this. Research exactly what you need before moving abroad.

Applying for a visa when moving abroad

Find out what type of visa you need in your new country. For example, if you plan to work abroad, you will need a work visa. This can vary depending on your tax situation, that is, whether you work for a local company, a freelancer, or work online as a digital nomad.

Depending on how long you plan to stay, you may also need to apply for a residence permit in your new country. This can be a long process, so it’s worth taking a look at the documentation you need to provide before your arrival. Expatriate forums and Facebook groups can be a great place to find answers to common questions on this topic.

Buy Insurance

It is important to have suitable insurance for your move abroad. Depending on your Visa/place of residence, you may not have access to public health care in the country you are moving to. Therefore, you may need to take out health insurance for your move. It’s a good idea to also check that you have good travel insurance for your move to the country, as well as home contents insurance for your home.

bank account

Getting a bank account in your new destination is especially useful for receiving and making payments in another currency without having to pay a high conversion rate.

Secure Your Accounts

Enable two-Factor authentication on all your important accounts such as email, social media, or banking. Why? If you move abroad, you will use a lot of unsafe public Wi-Fi. Prevent your accounts from being hacked by simply enabling two-factor authentication that most online services offer.


Staying connected in another country is useful for many things, such as reading the map or making an emergency call. You will need to get a local sim card at your new destination, but your current carrier may not allow the phone to be used on a different network. This is called simlock.

Universal Adapter

A universal adapter is a plug that allows you to plug your plug into the wall outlet from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s an absolute must-have and it will save you trouble powered your devices when you arrive at your new destination. (Buy a travel adapter here)

Moving Abroad

The best part is yet to come: making the big move to another country, meeting new people and discovering your brand new life!

Working Abroad

For the most stress-free move abroad, it may be easier to find a job before you leave. By doing this, you will know that you have financial security upon arrival, as well as colleagues to lean on for support. In addition, the company can sort out all your visa papers and accommodation, as part of the job offer.

Working Online in another country

Working Online in another country as a digital nomad has become extremely popular. A digital nomad is someone who does their work online. This can be as a freelancer or while working for another company. It is very convenient to already have a steady income when moving abroad. Digital nomads often work in co-working spaces to meet other people who work online.

Finding a job abroad

On the other hand, finding a job after moving abroad can also be helpful, as it can give you time to see in person what the options are. However, make sure you are always aware of the job requirements. For example, if you move to Italy, you will need to learn Italian for most jobs.

Learn the language

If you are moving to a country that does not speak your native language, take some time to learn the language. Babbel is a great app to help you with that. At the very least, make sure you have some basic phrases to make your move abroad easier.

What Neighborhood?

Whether you decide to rent an apartment before or after moving abroad, it’s a good idea to use local knowledge to find the best neighborhoods. A good way to do this is by asking questions in Facebook communities, through rental companies, houseshare websites, or by walking around the city as soon as you arrive.

Choosing a neighborhood when moving abroad

Write a list of all the things you want from the neighborhood: should it be close to your workplace, the beach, amenities, the city center, or have good schools? Within this list, also determine your budget; this will help you shortlist the neighborhoods in which you can live.

Set up your invoices

Once you’ve rented your apartment, make sure you set up your water, electricity and wifi. To do this, you may need those copies of your documentation that we mentioned earlier. It’s a good idea to research the average cost of bills before moving abroad. This way you can set aside some money for the budget for the first few months of life.

Make Friends Abroad

One of the best parts of choosing to move abroad is making new friends! Whether it’s other like-minded travelers or locals who want to show you how life works, there are some really fun times waiting for you in your new life abroad.

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