The Complete Guide to Komodo National Park

What is inside the Komodo National Park

The exploration of the Komodo Islands is done by a one- or several-day boat trip from Labuan Bajo. A small port town on the western tip of the island of Flores. Depending on the weather conditions, your route will be filled with the most awesome places in the national park. You can expect to see these things around the Komodo Islands.

Viewpoints in Padar

One of the three largest volcanic islands in the Komodo National Park is Padar. Padar Island offers a 20-minute hike to the upper viewpoint. From here you have a breathtaking view of the entire bay. It is home to the Komodo dragon and a large population of deer.

The newly built staircase stops at several points of view, so there is a difficulty for everyone. To enter Padar, an entrance fee of IDR 150,000 (USD 10) is required.

Meet the people of the Komodo Islands

Find out how the inhabitants of Komodo Island live inside the Komodo Village. Most people earn their living by fishing and others by creating and selling handicrafts to visitors to Komodo Island.

Local guides give a guided tour in well-spoken English and allow you to interact with the locals.

A million flying bats in the Komodo Islands

Immediately after sunset, the sky of the Komodo Islands turns black, filled with a million bats leaving the mangrove forest located on Kalong Island. This is an unmissable experience during your boat trip on the Komodo Islands. Truly magical, and for sure a highlight of your trip.

Swimming with Manta Rays

Manta rays are very common in Komodo National Park. They can be spotted all year round by snorkeling or diving. However, during the rainy season, the water is colder and there is glowing plankton that serves as food for mantas. Meanwhile, hundreds of Manta rays gather at Manta Point.

The rainy season runs from December to March and is the best time to spot manta rays around the Komodo Islands.

Dive into the world-class reefs of Komodo National Park

Divers and snorkelers can be very satisfied at Komodo National Park. With more than a thousand species of fish and 230 species of corals, the reefs of the Komodo Islands are world-class for snorkeling and diving. Penga Kecil and Karang Makassar are the most visited reefs.

Expect to see small reef sharks, turtles, heaps of fish and starfish of all kinds of colors and sizes, dolphins and even whale sharks.

The Pink Beaches of Komodo

There are many pink beaches around Komodo National Park. The white sand mixed with tiny pieces of red coral gives the beach a pink look. Expect other tourists during your visit due to its popularity.

Komodo dragons

Komodo National Park is the only place where the largest lizard on planet earth lives; the Komodo dragon. Hiring a qualified forest ranger is necessary on Rinca Island to see the Komodo dragons. He keeps you at a safe distance and guides you through the park.

The hike through the park and up to the viewpoint is available in a short (1h), medium (1.5 h) or long walk (2.5 h). The middle was very easy to walk although we do not recommend walking too much in the middle of the day.

The Komodo dragon can grow up to 2.5 meters, weigh more than 85 kilograms, and a bite from it is actually very deadly. Always stay behind the ranger, it’s his job to protect you.

Boat trips to the Komodo Islands

Labuan Bajo is the beginning of every boat trip on the Komodo Islands. A small port town located at the western tip of Flores. Discover Komodo by a day trip from Labuan Bajo or spend the night on the boat inside the national park.

What to expect from a boat trip to the Komodo Islands

During a 4-day boat trip, you can explore the national park, visit lesser-known places, go snorkeling, look for striking stars at night, admire an awesome sunrise on a sandbar and much more.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience by waking up on top of the boat in our bed with a breathtaking view, a fantastic crew and delicious Indonesian meals (also vegetarian).

Don’t forget that this is a return to base experience where there is a cold pump shower and a bathroom that you have to share with 8 to 10 people. The staff keeps it very clean 24 hours. In addition, there is no mobile phone connection on the water, so don’t be afraid to talk.

Book a boat trip to the Komodo Islands

There are boats available in all levels of comfort and size. Booking a boat trip to Komodo can be done online or while you are in Labuan Bajo.

Please keep in mind that all popular companies are fully booked 8 weeks in advance. Multi-day excursions are recommended to book online where you can see the boat and read reviews.

Prices for a boat trip to the Komodo Islands

The price of a boat trip totally depends on what you like to see, the comfort you prefer and the number of days you spend in the national park. An entrance fee to Komodo National Park costs IDR 280,000 (USD 18) and is valid for 3 days.

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