Superb Places to Travel in This Year

1. Algarve, Portugal

With a breathtaking coastline, beautiful weather all year round and waves that make it a surfing paradise, the Algarve of Portugal is one of the best places to travel in Europe.

Spend your days slowly on the white sandy beaches and explore the crystal clear emerald and turquoise waters and the incredible rock formations that surround most of the beaches.

walk through the narrow, flower-covered streets of the Algarve’s charming whitewashed villages, where you can enjoy freshly caught fish.

2. Uzbek

Uzbekistan is the most underrated travel destination and the best place to travel in 2022! The Pearl of the Silk Road offers landscapes from lush green mountains to driest deserts. Add to this the endless turquoise domes and dazzling gold bars of religious buildings, and the magic of Uzbekistan is sure to blow you away.

But the real heart-stealer is the kindness of the Uzbek people. The country is home to some of the world’s warmest souls,who extend the hand of friendship wherever possible. As a result, travelers will feel completely at home in this unforgettable country!

3. Sri Lanka

The endless beautiful sights of Sri Lanka deserve a top position among the best travel destinations. Spend at least a few weeks traveling and make awesome train trips through dewy tea plantations, green mountains and dense jungle. Then transfer from the train to an open jeep and go on safari in Sri Lanka to one of the many rich national parks with leopards, monkeys and elephants.

Finally, you can relax on one of the many long sandy beaches on the south coast, relax in laid-back beach bars, live music and fresh coconuts. If action is on the agenda, rent a surfboard and ride the waves, one of the best countries in the surfing world!

4. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It has majestic castles, medieval towns and filmy landscapes. These are the must-see spots:

Cesky Krumlov

The fairy tale of Cesky Krumlov. Nestled in a bend in a winding river, the castle and medieval cobbled streets are lovely highlights. In addition, Karlovy Vary offers great activities such as kayaking on the river or dining in one of the many good restaurants on the river.

Hotels In Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a health resort with mineral-rich hot springs, beautiful collonads and huge mansions. It has been the interior for major films such as “James Bond” and ” the Grand Budapest Hotel.”


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to one of the largest castles in the world! Prague is very different from other places to visit in this province and therefore a great addition to your visit.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a moon-like landscape in Turkey. Every sunrise, the sky fills with hundreds of hot air balloons floating along with unique rock formations.

In addition to being able to see it from the air, you can also take a horse to explore the incredible landscape and caves on the ground. Cappadocia in Turkey is unique and therefore one of the best places to visit.

6. Philippines

The paradisiacal Philippines is one of the world’s leading places and is high on many people’s list of best travel destinations. With nearly 8,000 islands, the Philippines is the king of island hopping! Each island is as strikingly beautiful as the next, so travelers are spoiled for choice.

Spend time moving between these heavenly places, relaxing on the whitest beaches and swimming in the clearest waters. The top 3 destinations in the Philippines are::

El Nido

It’s easy to see why El Nido has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Vertical limestone outcrops and coral reefs make El Nido an excellent place for snorkeling.


A small island on a slightly more secluded path, Siquijor has incredible roads sandwiched between spectacular jungle waterfalls and beautiful white sand.


Voted “the most beautiful island in Asia” is the Palm Island: Siargao! At every turn you will find breathtaking views of thick palm groves sandwiched between Long Beach roads and utopian beaches. Spend beautiful days swimming in lazy rivers, swinging in trees and chatting with the most hospitable locals. So Siargao has a special energy that makes it difficult to overcome!

7. Petra, Jordan

Exploring Petra’s lost city is one of the best travel experiences of 2022. The UNESCO World Heritage site is even more impressive than can be expressed in words. Follow the paths through the rocky desert and discover awesome ancient buildings, carved in pink stone.

Even more incredible than the Lost City itself is the fact that 85 percent of the city is still undiscovered! Petra has been rightly named one of the Seven Wonders of the world for its filmy story and setting. So it should be at the top of the wish list!

8. Tbilisi, Georgia-one of the best places to travel in 2022

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and has been hidden for too long. Now it has hit the map thanks to its incredible architecture, world-class plonk, delicious food and a high standard of living. As a result, it is rapidly gaining popularity and one of the best places to travel in 2022.

Tbilisi is a giant surprise for tourists, which exceeds all expectations, because it is a surprisingly modern and European way of life. Look at the charming houses with their graceful balconies and cobbled streets, next to the strange and beautiful leaning bell tower.

Follow this by admiring charming old buildings, complemented by young and edgy art galleries and converted factories. These are just some of the reasons why Tbilisi is high on the list of best travel destinations and why tourists want to explore Georgia more!

9. Peru

Peru is an awesome country full of historical goodness, colorful landscapes and cities, and fresh and flavorful food! It is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the world, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. The best places to travel to Peru are:

Hotels In Machu Picchu

Ask anyone for a list of dream destinations and Machu Picchu is probably on it. One of the Seven Wonders of the world, this incredible historic site is sure to live up to the hype. There is nothing like the feeling of walking to the top of Machu Picchu first thing in the morning when the Old City appears through the fog. This is what dreams are made of!

But Machu Picchu is so much more than just an ancient Inca city in itself, it’s also a journey. Travel by train through lush green mountains, through quaint Peruvian villages and wave to the beaming locals. Once in a lifetime experience!


One of the lesser known cities of Peru is the beautiful Arequipa. However, it should be on everyone’s route to Peru. The city is known for its European-style buildings made of white volcanic rock sourced from nearby volcanoes.

Spend a day or two here, wandering the beautiful squares and overlooking the churches and the Great White Cathedral. If you want to see the colorful nature of the city, go to the Monastery of Santa Catalina to see the flowery arches painted in bright sapphire and red.

10. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Lipe is one of the best places to travel in Thailand, with its breathtaking beauty. Nicknamed “The Maldives of Thailand,” the small island lies between Malaysia and Thailand. Get that stranded uninhabited island feel, with no noise, few people, and endless numbers of white sand beaches, palm trees, and coconuts. Ko Lipe is heaven!

11. Italy

One of the best countries in the world, and high on the list of destinations for 2022, is foodie paradise Italy! Italy is more than just a place. It’s the feeling of sun on the face, the laughter of the cheerful locals and the belly full of pizza. These are the top 3 travel destinations in Italy:


The magical floating city of Venice is an all-time favorite and still is (!) I need to see it. In addition, since there are no roads for traffic, there is a special old-fashioned feeling when you go from point A to point B along the canals with a gondola. Easily one of the most romantic cities in the world!

Cinque Terre

The Amalfi Coast to the North is the spectacular slope coast of Cinque Terre. Colorful houses sink in layers of cliffs, amid olive groves, cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea.

12. Morocco

Traveling in Morocco is a great adventure. On the same day, you can hike the Sahara dunes at dawn, snowboard in the Atlas Mountains in the afternoon, and relax in the evening in the luxurious riads of Medina. Explore the sapphire city of Chefchaouen, the shopping streets of Fes, spend a night in the Sahara and, of course, the world famous Marrakech.


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