Creative ways to decorate your home with your travels

1. Add Items From Your Favorite Destinations

A good way to include travel in your interior is to add souvenirs that you have bought from all over the world. We’re not just talking about your typical fridge magnet; think colorful ceramics from Portugal, a locally made Turkish rug or beautiful Vietnamese chopsticks to style your table.

Not only does it make your home lively and interesting, but it also gives you “adventurous” nostalgic feelings. In addition, when you buy a travel decor abroad, it is totally unique and something that few people will own.

Travel Decoration Theme

Think about your theme. You may want a tropical atmosphere to remind you of Bali, Indonesia. In this matter, use bamboo furniture, hammocks or earthen pillows.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more Moroccan look, adding scarlet carpets, jeweled lanterns and Berber baskets. Even better, combine an eclectic mix of all styles to create your own unique decor!

Don’t you have them? Find Articles Online

Sometimes it is difficult to put everything you want in your suitcase, especially with larger pieces of furniture. Fortunately, over the years it has become much easier to order beautiful products online! Many online stores have reproduced products from the country of your choice or via Etsy from importers. This allows you to create the home travel decor you want. Take, for example, this rattan headboard or these decorative pillows.

2. Add colors that remind you of a destination

Think of a destination and immediately you have memories of certain colors. For example, tropical green in Asia, Azure from Greece or sunny yellow from South America. One way to bring your travel decor to life is to paint these colors on a wall or piece of furniture.

Don’t you want the dedication of the painting? You can always keep your walls neutral and buy furniture in certain colors to make the room stand out.

3. Display a travel diary on your coffee table

The perfect centerpiece of a room is a timeless coffee table. It gives you something to structure your furniture around, and you can display books and other home travel decorations. This can range from a travel photo book to a vintage atlas where customers can identify the destinations they have visited.

If you really want to take a trip down memory lane, create your own album filled with your travel photos. it’s a great way to revisit your travels, look beautiful and inspire good conversations with friends!

4. Add lots of plants for a tropical vibe

Live in your own tropical jungle by adding lots of plants to your home! The greenery brings the house to life and gives you that exotic feeling that you might miss from your travels. In addition, having plants at home is excellent for your health. Studies have shown that they purify the air and can even increase your productivity while working!

Strelitzia and Areca are two beautiful plants that instantly turn your room into a “jungle”. Put them in a beautiful woven basket or colorful ceramic pots brought back from one of your trips. It’s a wonderfully simple way to add travel decor to your home.

5. Use decorative items such as a large Vintage suitcase

Nothing is more symbolic of travel than a suitcase. Take a look at thrift stores or visit a flea market to find a large vintage suitcase to add to your interior. These types of matter are not only beautiful objects to decorate, but they also serve as storage. Win-win! (Here it is on Etsy)

6. Add travel photos as home decor

Honor your past travels by framing your favorite photos and hanging them throughout your home. Create an impressive gallery wall on your stairs or above your sofa, with different sizes of framed photos. you can even make a collage of your travel photos, add beautiful postcards, plane tickets or cards to create a huge work of art.

There is no wrong way to use your photos, for example by adding polaroids on your dresser or around your mirror. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your mornings when you’re getting ready.

7. Add a world map as a travel decor

Get inspired for new trips, or keep track of where you’ve been so far, by hanging a beautiful vintage world map on your wall. You can even frame maps of your favorite destinations so far, or places that you consider “home”.”This is an eye-catching idea for a timeless and elegant home travel interior.

Facebook Marketplace or a flea market is the best place to find a vintage travel card for your home. Beware of artists who use world maps to create art, as a fun way to continue the theme of travel.

Another card that is nice to hang is a scratch card. On these maps you will scratch the countries you have been to, one of the most satisfying things to do every time you come back from a trip. Over time, you will be amazed at everything you have seen and it is a great way to decide where you want to go in your adventures!

8. Portuguese and Spanish Tiles

Create a backsplash for your kitchen using colorful Portuguese or Spanish tiles. It’s the perfect way to spice up a neutral room and add that European seaside feel to your home.

Alternatively, if you want to get creative, you can buy patterned stencils and paint your own tiles, or paint directly on the tiles that are already in the house. This is a great way to refresh and renovate old and boring floors or tiles.

9. Spice Up Your Kitchen

Taste is the spice of life! The smells and colors of the spices and foods of the destinations you have visited will always stay with you. To keep these memories and flavors alive, add a spice rack to your kitchen. This way you can show off your spices from all over the world and have them at hand to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

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